Thursday, January 31, 2013

Giant Chicken

Everyone has their own Giant Chicken, metaphorically speaking.

Joan Crawford was Bette Davis' Giant Chicken (or was that the other way around?).

Maggie Simpson vs. Gerald Samson...

...Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie...

...Seinfeld vs. Newman..

...Batman vs. The Joker...

...and Sarah Palin vs. intelligence...

...and for me, it is a dog in Kailash Colony.  Yes folks, the dog again.  You see, whilst on a pleasant stroll back from Dunkin' Donuts in M Block this morning, the same f**king dog tried to attack me...again.  Quite literally chasing me down the street.  It chose me, not John (who didn't want to take a tuk-tuk back home despite my warning of impending diarrhea): me--the animal lover.  I am now terrified of these Indian dogs so much, that I really don't want to walk the streets.  It's not Delhi-belly I'm afraid of, not malaria, not pickpockets, not somehow ending up in Indian jail from some elaborate unfortunate misunderstanding; it's this stupid, mangy, mongrel dog with a limp.  Let's hope this day gets better!



  1. These experiences build character (because if there's one this you need, it's MORE character)! :-)

  2. Love this J & M!!!! Haha sorry for laughing but I am even though I have cynophobia - fear of dogs & rabies and I'll now likely be quaking in my boots walking to town to meet you later :-) stay safe and stay away from said limping dog!

  3. Hi Guys, sorry this is really funny, maybe you should have bought a donut for the dog, he or she might love you after that or try a piece of meat from the butcher. Hope your walks get better.
    Sorry we should laugh as our first time in Dehli we got mugged right out the front Park Hotel where we were staying. we laugh at it now but it was scary at the time.
    Our last stay at Kailash Colony we really good.

  4. This is a quite funny, but seriously, some of the dogs at M Block are scary! Be careful!

  5. Oh dear...haha. Just make sure you keep wearing those cuffed jeans (this may seem excessive...but if you can't win with a bribe of a could try shaking a penny in a can or a little sprit of water)

  6. You guys are funny- love the Giant Chicken!

  7. Loved your updates Morgan. Hopefully, everything is fine with your bite (just wanted to make sure the skin didn't break, and if there is a sign it did, get a rabies shot right away!). We are waiting for your good news soon! :)


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