Monday, April 8, 2013


We finalized my adoption of Saffron this morning - hooray!!

I don't believe that straight couples have to do this - and technically we didn't since we're married in Massachusetts and the state considers me the second parent automatically.  But since I'm not on the birth certificate, and our marriage isn't universally recognized, there's always the risk that if something should happen......  So this is a good safeguard just in case, especially should we (perish the thought) leave the state, and it also gives her a Massachusetts birth certificate with both our names on it, which I'm sure will be handy.

Honestly, the state made it incredibly easy - I didn't use a lawyer, just went to the courthouse and the adoption clerk showed me forms I need to fill out and walked me through everything.  They waived the home study and such, and it took just three weeks from when I submitted the paperwork to when it was finalized before the judge today.  And all it cost us was parking!  I'm astounded that the state can actually function that quickly and smoothly!!!  :-)