Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day & 4-Month Photo Bonanza!


Today is our first!  Unfortunately, Miss Saffron has seen to it to never sleep; so I will be spending it in a dark room, sleeping.

Bananas for bananas!
Crazy for carrots!

At four months old, she's been eating some solid foods (bananas & carrots so far), moved to size 2 diapers, started vocalizing & laughing, and just beginning to roll over.

It seems though that she's not going to be sleeping the night through on any regular basis any time soon.  Every tip someone gives us fails miserably.  And the Swaddle-wraps (my former favorite thing) is now something I look at with disdain.  She won't sleep without it, but she doesn't fit in the small size anymore and the medium/large is too loose.  She can escape it within minutes!

Air Guitar!
Saffron is very long/tall baby for her age (in the 95th percentile!), so some of her clothes (pants & pajamas) don't fit very well and she spends most of her time in dresses and onsies.  And shoes? Fugetaboutit!  Tallness = big feet.  But what really makes me feel bad is when I put her in her swing, her long legs dangle over the edge.  Overall, she's very happy and healthy.  But when homegirl screams, she SCREAMS!!!