Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hair Of The Dog That Bit You (or The Incident I Can Never Tell My Doctor) & Saket

The Incident
What up, bitch?
Mid-morning: John and I decided to walk to M Block to get the computer cables, a coffee (still no French press or "coffee plunger"), and a few other small things.  To preface, I'm an animal lover.  Animals love me, and my heart aches when I see the bajillions of dogs roaming Delhi and Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" plays on a continuous loop in my brain.  

I'm in a bad mood and I'm gonna take it out on you!
But halfway to M Block, as we're passing by the driveways of posh houses, a f**king dog bites my ankle! Thankfully no broken skin and it wasn't one of the feral mongrels your used to seeing (at least I don't think it was - I hope not); nonetheless, it clamped down hard and it hurt.  We had to stop and check to make sure. If there was even a scrape on my skin, I would go immediately to the hospital.  But I had long jeans and socks on and what probably really saved me from harm is that I (unfashionably) cuff my jeans.  Because kiddos, as you get older, you shrink; and while waist sizes go up and down, eventually the inseam slowly gets shorter as well.

The "Apple" store at M Block (called iStore) had every adapter but the HDMI, so we went to the other M Block in Greater Kailash II: This Time It's Personal!  No dice there either, but we had a very nice lunch at a restaurant called "Not Just Paranthas".  I can't recall the names of what we got, but the tomato/coriander soup is all kinds of awesome!  We took a tuk-tuk back home and called Rahul for a taxi to take us to Saket malls (Select Citywalk/Svelte, DLF Place, and Metropolitan).  His driver arrived literally within minutes and off we went.  

On the way John made dinner plans to meet some other SCI clients, so we had a lot of time to kill at the malls before dinner.  We found the HDMI adapter at the "Apple" store there (this one is called Imagine) at Select Citywalk and walked each mall at least twice.  No coffee press (and at this point I don't even want coffee, it's all about the hunt).  We got an email regarding our surrogate: that she and baby are doing fine and not actively experiencing any signs of labor.  Come on baby, be born!!!  We had a great dinner and great conversation with our new friends and had a really enjoyable evening together.

We realized we made the right decision not to stay at Svelte.  If you're staying in India, then by all means experience India.  We may be in the "posh" part of Delhi, but it's more real than the western malls.  M Block truly has all the baby items Mom & Me and Mothercare has and, in a lot of instances, much cheaper.  Also, we're learning about the land and culture that our baby comes from, so that is a plus.  There are downsides of course, and if either of us were traveling alone, we would probably be at Svelte. In Saket, a lot of the luxuries are readily available.  But if you're adventurous enough to embark on this journey, I cannot help but recommend staying within Delhi and being a bit more adventurous.  Saket was like the malls back home: loud, expensive, and artificial.

That's it for tonight!  Let's hope for a 1/31/13 baby.


  1. Guys If you are at M Block Dezine Kids and Wieners are cheaper than Mum and Me for clothes and other baby products. Hope bubs makes an entrance very soon

  2. Here Here! That's the spirit...if it's not a good time, it's a good story. No dog biting ankle stories ever happen in the mall!
    You may be going for the record of being in India the longest before your baby is born. S/he is waiting for the right moment to make an entrance! Thinking of you guys....

    1. Gee - thanks, Edward - tats exactly the type of record we were going for! :-)

  3. It's got to be a little girl making you wait like this already!

  4. I was very happy at the svelte, thank you. I stayed at a adventure hotel when I dropped off my essence, that was about what I could handle. NOt only that when I have baby I want to be close to a hospital. Max Hospital is right acoss the strett. You think a ambulace is gonna get to you in Dehli NOT LOL so much bloody traffic. But hey everyone has there own prefence. I am glad you guys are doing well.

  5. Dezine Kids, Lovely shop to buy baby stuff


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