Sunday, January 13, 2013

Let's Stay HERE. No, Let's Stay HERE. Or Here.

So, we changed our accommodations.  It took nearly a month to decide (or re-decide, I guess), but we're going to stay in an apartment in Kailash through Tulip House.

The Svelte is obviously a great hotel, and we know so many SCI clients just love it.  That's really the main reason we picked it originally - it seemed everyone goes there, and it almost represented a warm cocoon to keep your baby warm the first few weeks.

But it just didn't fit us.  We hate malls - and living in one for 3 weeks kinda makes me unnerved.  The space itself was big for a hotel room - and the separation of the bedroom is nice - but it's still very small for the three of us for three weeks (we actually had booked a larger suite just to have a little more space to accommodate).  And it's somewhat expensive (not break-the-bank, but certainly not economical).  This is especially true with the larger suite, and I can also imagine living (and eating and shopping) in a mall will just add to the expense.

But ultimately, a big part of me felt like we would be missing the experience of India if we were wrapped up in a Western hotel inside a giant Western mall complex.

So we started looking at other options last month - both from the list of recommendations by SCI and ones we could find on our own.  Ultimately, unless we were to choose a very reputable hotel, we felt we should stick to what SCI recommends (because they're actually THERE, get feedback from other clients, and can assist if an issue arises).

We kept going back and forth where we wanted to stay - in a hotel or apartment, near Greater Kailash or elsewhere - went back to just sticking with the Svelte, and then an apartment in Kailash Colony opened up, so we went for it.  It's a 2 bedroom with 2 bathrooms, kitchen, washer, and WiFi.  It's in a quiet neighborhood with a large park nearby.  And it's less than half the price we were going to pay at Svelte.  SOLD!

So I guess we'll see how it goes!

P.S.  I understand that Damani Money Changer in M Block offers very good exchange rates.  Does anyone know if they take Traveler's Cheques, or if it's cash only?  Thanks!!


  1. 26 days to go! woo hoo so excited for you guys!

  2. Hey John and Morgan
    We are very excited for you!
    It's quite funny that both of you and me and my partner are basically on the same boat. I'm inclined to go to Svelte due to convenience, but I love to be able to cook. The Svelte doesn't look to be ideal, plus as you mentioned, the expense will be significant compared to an apartment. We are leaning towards the Kailash Colony area since we felt comfortable going to the M market when we stayed at India Luxury Homes. Right now, we like Apt 18, but since you will be there ahead of us, do let us know about the Tulip House. Thanks!


    1. Hi, just wanted to chime in here, hope you don't mind the intrusion.
      I'm staying at Apartment 18. It's fine, not great, but in India I have nothing to compare it to. The Studio apartment is lovely. Marble floors, floor to ceiling windows, balcony with eating nook. It looks to be built with quality, but it could be cleaner. I keep a much cleaner home than they do, but I don't struggle with the dust & pollution that they do. I've had the cleaning staff in to touch it up.

      It's in Greater Kailash Enclave -1, an affluent neighborhood by India standards, but not even close by Western. The M-Block market is a posh shopping area by India standards, again by as a Westerner you won't be impressed. It's only about a 15 minute walk or cheap tuk-tuk ride.

      Also there are baby stores near the hotel, veggie market, grocery stores. All decent, but again akin to small stores found in most countries with depressed economies. The prices are reasonable, & the price is printed on most items in ruppies. So, less chances for getting swindled.

      The hotel has house boy who will take your shopping list & shop for you. Since I'm here by myself right now with the twins this has proved valuable, & having the kitchen is essential. Before you pick up the kids, it's good to go out & familiarize yourself a little with the neighborhood. Look at the markets, buy stuff you like. Keep the wrappers & cans so you can show them to the houseboy. Otherwise you'll be surprised at how he interprets your shopping requests, that's another story.
      If nothing else you'll need a hotel with microwave to sterilize the multitude of bottles! LOL

      I hope this is helpful. I just wanted to let you know a little about Apartment 18, btw - I'm staying in what's called the large studio, & it's plenty big for us.

    2. Hi Howie
      I just found out from John's email about your post. Thank you for providing us some insight about Apt 18. One of the reasons why we are leaning towards Apt 18 is the availability of the kitchen as we like to cook our own food. We are familiar with the M market since we stayed at India Luxury Homes in Kailash Colony, so we know what to expect. As per your advise, we'll definitely familiarize ourselves with the area. Best wishes to the twins.


  3. Hi There! I stayed for a month in Kailash in one of the Greenleaf apartments. My landlord Vipul and House Keeper Das helped me find my way around and, like you, I am so glad I stayed away from the Western cocoon.. . . .but the Svelte is really nice to visit from time to time :)

  4. Decision made! One more down...lots of people say good things about tulip house. See you in Delhi!

  5. Hi,

    Sounds a great plan and being a UK couple, if we're lucky enough to travel for baby pickup we will be looking at 3 months probably in Delhi (lucky we both love India!).

    Would be great to here what you needed to pay for a two bedroom place and also how you found it and who helped you out. Our email is

    Have fun!

    graham and alex x

  6. It's crazy to see your baby ticker say 26 days! You guys must be so excited!

  7. Great choice! We have so many fantastic memories of India from our time staying in 2 different apartments during our stay.....and I'm 1000% certain that if we'd have stayed at the Svelte, those memories wouldn't be as profound. Someday, you will tell your child about living in an Indian neighborhood and you'll describe the smells and sounds that will stay with you my opinion that's a much better story than describing how convenient the food court was!

    Re Travelers Checks - LEAVE them home! Unless the rules have changed, you were limited in how much you could cash at any one location and the exchange rate was never as good as the cash exchange rate. Not even close...we had to spend the better part of a day going to 4 different branches to cash our checks to pay our bills.

    GOOD luck!!!

  8. Hi John, what will your address be in Delhi, you can ask Sandeep.we are staying at one if the Tulip House apartments-you might well be in our street?!
    Anna x


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