Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where's the baby?

We went to Agra on Sunday to see the Taj Mahal, and both of us agree that, while worth it, we would't bring a newborn baby all the way out here.  First off, it takes more than three hours just to get there (and if you're used to Delhi driving, that's a looong trip).  If you're from the UK and have to spend months here, it may be worth considering once the baby is older, if only for an awesome photo with your baby (or babies) in front of the monument.  Second, it's very busy, there are a lot of animals, and a lot of walking.  It was definitely worth it and our driver, Satish, did an excellent job.  Also, know how to haggle when getting souvenirs - you can get taken for a ride by some pretty charming salesmen!  And watch your pockets as they can get picked (we didn't, but we were sternly warned).

Here's another tip for travelers: while it's not hot in Delhi in January, it's still easy to get dehydrated, forget to eat, not sleep, etc.  Eat or snack often, drink bottled water whenever possible, and get as much sleep as you can.  By the end of the night I had to force myself to eat and drink.  Not a case of Delhi-belly, but over-stressing your body can make you feel absolutely awful.

Oh yeah, and where is this baby of ours?  It's very nice visiting with new friends and meeting their little ones, but also (for me anyway) very frustrating.  It's like every day here is the night before christmas, and you're waiting to open your presents--but for some reason christmas eve never ends!

Delhi has a way of playing with your mind.  We've been here 4 full days already, and it feels like much longer.  We've been to M-block only twice and feel like we've done it enough.  I can't seem to find real coffee here.  I've been looking for ground coffee and a french press and have come to the realization that I'm going to have to use instant Nescafe.  Dunkin' Donuts, Coffee Bean, and Gloria Jeans have the real thing, but they don't sell it like in the US.

When our friends threw us the baby shower, we all put in our guesses of the baby's gender, weight, and birthdate.  I also asked other friends and family to put their 2-cents in.  Two people have been wrong so far, but today is mine and John's day (and Patty's) - we picked the same day.  Here is the complete (and updated) list:

  1. 1/18 - B - 8lb. 8oz. - Jeff K.
  2. 1/26 - G - 6lb. 8oz. - Jill M.
  3. 1/29 - G - 6lb. 6oz. - Patty C.
  4. 1/29 - G - 6lb. 10oz. - Morgan
  5. 1/29 - B - 5lb. 9oz. - John
  6. 1/31 - B - 7lb. 6oz - Kelly H.
  7. 2/01 - G - 7lb. 4oz. - Steph K.
  8. 2/01 - G - 6lb. 0oz. - Tony D.
  9. 2/02 - B - 7lb. 9oz. - Michelle O.
  10. 2/02 - G - 7lb. 11oz. - Tracey F.
  11. 2/02 - G - 6lb. 8oz. - Auntie Dana
  12. 2/02 - G - 6lb 11oz. - "Gangy"
  13. 2/02 - G - 7lb. 2oz. - "Pop-pop"
  14. 2/05 - G - 6lb. 4oz. - Uncle Greg
  15. 2/06 - G - 6lb. 12oz. - Aunt Cathy
  16. 2/07 - G - 6lb. 2oz. - Kelli T.
  17. 2/07 - B - 7lb. 2oz. - Aunt Stacy
  18. 2/07 - G - 7lb. 8oz. - Brooke M.
  19. 2/07 - B - 7lb. 5oz. - Jolene H.
  20. 2/08 - G - 7lb. 3oz. - Allison Z.
  21. 2/09 - G - 6lb. 8oz. - Cousin Jessica
  22. 2/11 - B - 6lb. 12oz. - Grandma Lori
  23. 2/12 - G - 8lb. 5oz. - Jill S.
  24. 2/15 - B/G - 9lb. twins - Bob S. (Oh, Bob!

Let's cross our fingers that today is the day...
...and it wasn't.


  1. Hoping that today is the day!! Come on baby - your dads want to meet you!!! My guess - 1/29 - boy - 7lbs. and 4oz. Good Luck!!

  2. Glad to see you guys are having a good time. I am guessing boy as well :)

  3. Look us up if you get bored!! We are in Svelte room 516! Hopefully it won't be much longer now!!

  4. The wait is unbearable! My guess is a girl 31/1 6 pounds 8 oz. good luck!

  5. fingers crossed its anytime now! Taj Mahal picture looks ace! i guess 02/01 girl 7 pounds 2!

  6. Nice pics! Our friends plan to hold a baby shower. Your list is a good idea, so we'll borrow it and have our friends guess something. :)


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