Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's All a Ruse

Delhi:  Day 9

39 Weeks Today!  (according to our calculations anyway)

I'm beginning to think this is all an elaborate hoax - the scans, the other blogs - even the other IPs/new parents we've met.  Just hired hands (here, take this baby, and go have coffee with them).  Good actors every one - I'm truly impressed by the whole production.

But why?

The money?  No - we're not rich.

The entertainment value?  No - we're not interesting.

I know - just for shear pleasure of the ruse!  Let's mess with the poor American couple - they look like naive - we can stretch this on for WEEKS.  Did I just type that word????

Kidding of course - and it is wonderful that our baby is fattening up (hopefully) and growing as much as he/she can in utero.  But we really didn't want to set any records for being here so long before birth!

Believe it or not, when we were deciding if we should come on the date suggested or just wait until last minute, I scoured all the blogs and charted out at what point everyone had their babies.  The average was 37 weeks for singleton natural births, and only one set of parents went to 39 weeks.  I know, with this much rigorously scientific analysis, what could go wrong?

We did cash in some points to stay at a nicer hotel last night and tonight - we move to a new apartment Sunday, so we wanted to get some rest while we were still baby-less.  Beautiful hotel (managed by Hilton) and very close to SCI and the hospital.

Perhaps we'll do some sight seeing locally today.  Perhaps not.


  1. Haha well I'm flattered you think we make such good actors but its all real. You guys will make brilliant parents, and you're right, statistically it can't be much longer! Have you asked about induction? See you soon neighbourly neighbour!

  2. LOL - no, we've treaded lightly about induction - as much as we want baby born NOW, I think we'd only go that route if the doctor strongly recommended it. But as each day passes....

  3. I got yooouuuuuuuuu babe! Oh, no I don't, you're still not born! bwahaha (anonymous)

  4. You know what, this is exactly how I feel right now..

    I am actually in India right now, waiting on the imminent birth of twins, and the only word I get from the clinic is when I really prod them for information. One response i got was 'here is the email address of the Obstetrician'. So I email the Obstetrician, after 3 days if no response, I send the same email again.. which I get a reply of '38 weeks'.

    Okay I get it, these white people are asking pushy questions, but KEEP US INFORMED !!!!!!!!, oh and BTW, the clinic is Rotunda in Mumbai.

    I feel i do not want to be pushy, babies where they are is GREAT, born without issues, but all I ask is for me to be kept updated a bit more.

    1. Ugh - I'm sorry Brian!

      Luckily, my clinic has been great - baby just isn't ready yet (and though we're going absolutely mad, we don't want to force labor or do an unnecessary C-section if we can avoid it).

      Patience is not a virtue, though - it's an evil force that slowly eats away at you. And then baby will be born and I'll remember none of this. :-)

  5. Hi John and Morgan, I feel for you. Definitely look at the bright side -- your baby will be fully developed and ready to meet you. Good luck with the apt move. Please keep us posted. Cheers!

  6. Sounds like you guys are trying to set a record. I am sure it will be soon - can't wait to see the pictures of him/her!


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