Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Similac Surprise!

DISCLAIMER: I do not work for, nor am I reimbursed by Abbott Nutrition in any way.

Okay, I love freebies and good deals -- so early-on when we registered at Babies 'R' Us, we got a free gift bag filled with coupons for various items (off the top of my head: a Desitin coupon, Dreft coupons , a free Similac SimplySmart bottle coupon, various samples, and a Similac "Trimester by Trimester" notebook/journal).

I slacked off in October...
Hard cover, great for notes.
The notebook is pretty nice, though specifically targeted for the pregnant mother, it has proven valuable for jotting down notes and such from SCI, Dr. Jolly's scans, etc.  It also has a ziplock pouch in the back where I keep all those baby-related coupons--kid's are expensive and this one hasn't even been born yet.

All the pamphlets and parent magazines we got (also free from the BRU gift bag) tell you to register at as well as other formula and diaper companies for free samples and coupons.

Similac offered a free take-home gift from the hospital when you registered with them.  I contacted them to say my child would be born overseas, so would I still qualify for the gift?  The customer service representative was all kinds of awesome.  She wasn't all business, she was like talking to a friend.  She told me she would get something out to me in a few weeks.  A few days later, it showed up at our door!  The gift was a simple organizer, but I've already found it quite useful.  Then they told me to expect some coupons in the mail closer to the due date.

Well, today we received a box o' goodies (worth about $75) from Similac!

  • Full-sized canister of Similac Advance Powder (1.45 lb)
  • Full-sized canister of Similac Sensitive Powder (12.6 oz)
  • Information about the Baby Journal app for iPhone & iPad
  • Comprehensive feeding guide booklet
  • SimplySmart 4 oz. bottle
  • $4 coupon off SimplySmart bottle double-pack
  • Four $5 off coupons off of any kind of Similac formulas

I know babies can have reactions, be finicky, and not tolerate certain formulas well; so I'm not blind to the fact that our little chap or lass gestating in India may not like Similac formulas.  But I just really like this company, they really seem to care.  Their customer-service representatives were very down-to-earth, pleasant, and helpful when I spoke to them on the phone (and they know how to advertise).

Thank you Abbott Nutrition for making my day and giving me a head-start on things!

SIDE NOTE: When I contacted another, competing formula company regarding a similar gift-offer, I was basically told "tough-luck".  They were also kind of rude to me on the phone and through email.


  1. ahh thats sweet! what a great box of goodies!

  2. This is good John. I'll definitely sign up for coupons.

  3. Two things - you can expect to continue receiving the $5 coupons from similac. 2nd - we tried every formula and similac was a winner in this house and with pretty much all my mom friends. We still use similac sensitive and used similac sensitive for spitup until 1. Similac sensitive is lactose free, which helps with a very common lactose intolerance.

    1. Great to know! I actually wrote Similac after writing this post, thanking them for such a cool free gift. I was really expecting a few coupons for products I'd never really have a use for.

  4. Hey guys I got that same surprise in my mailbox 3 weeks ago I was so happy. I already started to buy formula but hey its free I am not going to pass up on coupons and free food.

  5. I know that some babies are fussy about which formula they drink, but after spending tons of money on Enfamil for a month we asked our doctor if we could buy the "cheap" brands of formula. Our doctor said that all the formulas are regulated by the FDA so they're all safe and pretty much the same. We used CVS's formula for a while and then started using Costco's formula. It's about 2/3 of the price of the name brands and about 150% of the size. I admit the name brands dissolve in water a little better. Costco and CVS require a little more shaking, but if you want to save some money there's an option for you to consider.

  6. I sign up for it but I didn't recieve anything :(


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