Friday, January 18, 2013

TGI Friday??

So rather eventful day.

Best news of course - baby is healthy and growing!

First, we got a belly pic very early this morning.  Morgan woke me with it.  :-)

Then an hour later, our scan arrived!

So it was a nice way to start the day!!!

Baby is measuring behind still - actually a little more behind (34 weeks 6 days, though we're tracking at 36 weeks 6 days).  Baby's up to 5 lbs. 5 oz. though - growing at about 1/2 lb. a week.  We're not concerned about the baby - just our travel plans.  :-)  But worse case, we'll have some relaxing (HA) time to explore India!

Also, today was my last day of work for 10 weeks.  I hardly take vacations beyond a sporadic 3 or 4 day weekend, so just that much time completely disconnected from my job (I took my work e-mail off all my devices and everything!!) is more than a bit unnerving.  (The whole BABY thing, well...)

And today was also Morgan's last day EVER!  (Well, not EVER, but for this job, and for a while.)  But he'll write more about that later himself.



  1. Wow! That's quite a nice pic of the belly. Enjoy your long break. Keep us posted with your adventures.

  2. Enjoy the time it is so wonderful. If you have time make sure you go to Dezine Kids, Wieners at M Block Market cause their baby clothes are cheap also Sanjorini market is great.

  3. Thats awesome guys, Just be prepaired, my girl came a weeks early and so did Petes we both were suppose to he in India next week and guess what I was here on Tuesday, and Pete arrived yesterday. had to change my plant tickets, but Swiss air was so nice and wavied my change fee Just had t pay the differnce of $67.00 a peice for each ticket. Thats money saved. Bring what you can I brough food diapers and wipes. If yout baby is mesuring beind you will want new born diapers as they dont have them here. Check out my blog you can see my girl Isabella.

  4. agree fab way to start the day! great pictures


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