Thursday, August 8, 2013

Celebrating Milestones: 6 Months & 15 Years!

Everyday I wake up, and look at our daughter and think of what a little miracle she is.  I sometimes think, how can I love another human being as much as her?  It's hard to believe that she is now six months old!  She sits up, stands for brief amounts of time when you stand her up, and smiles and laughs A LOT!
Half a year ago we were in India waiting for her arrival, getting attacked by dogs, getting McDonald's and Pizza Hut delivered, meeting great people, and exploring how life is in Kailash Colony.   We lived in an apartment for a month, and it changed us.  We actually find ourselves missing Delhi more often than you would think (though we are grateful we weren't there in the summer months).  There is a living, breathing magic there; everything is real and true.  Sure there is extreme poverty, con-artists and swindlers; but you know them when you see them.  You know when you're being taken for a ride.  And unfortunately, we had to deal with power-hungry, corrupt people in certain places (Ice-Queen and her minions).  It's an experience we'll never forget and hope to one day have again.

This past July, we celebrated our 15th anniversary together.  In 15 years we've managed to move across the country, get married, and have a baby:  things we really never dreamed were possible in the beginning.

Coming soon:  Baby's first holiday (or; in six months of life, I've traveled 3/4 of the way  around the planet)!
I'm goin' to Disneyland!