Monday, February 4, 2013


We shop at M-Block;  where, when 4 rupees is your change, you get gum.

 is equal to

You have to smile at that!

In other news, it rained and thundered briefly this morning (I thought to myself, is this a sign of the imminent arrival of mini-me?).

And look at that counter to your right?  Have you ever seen it get that low with no baby?  Are we really going to run that thing to ZERO???

Zero Mostel and Willy Wonka in "The Producers"
If we do, we should seriously consider that for a baby name.  After all, there was an actor named Zero (not his given name).


  1. LOL... Zero seems like a cute name. Maybe put an accent on the "e" so it's pronounced differently (like the French "e"). Alternatively, Nil could be a good name, but practically means the same. Okay, I'm kidding... I told John that you guys will have a fully developed child this week. Maybe it'll come tomorrow. How was your move to Tulip? Are you in S-xxx as John mentioned in his email to me? :)

  2. I pray your baby comes to you soon. I admire your extreme patience!


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