Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brief Update & Thank You's

Today we went to the US Embassy to apply for CRBA (citizenship/passport/DNA test) & SSN.  Let me tell you, this process (with the use of Ms. Poonam's services) was a piece of cake!  You'll spend more time at the DMV getting a blank renewal form than bestowing citizenship to your new baby.

When she was born, Miss Saffy's fingernails were very long.  Like, "I was planning to claw myself out of the womb" long.  So today was the day we decided (after much apprehension) to use the baby safety clippers.  She did not like this experience at all.  First, she was pissed that we were holding her little fingers; second, we nicked her - twice and drew blood (just a little).  She SCREAMED!  We both sat there wanting to cry.  But then it was over and she went back to sleep and all was well again and I used the emery board to clean up any sharp edges.  Poor little thing.

A BIG thank you to Tim & Nathan from Dallas.  Blog followers who are just beginning their journey:  I wish you all the best, please keep in touch.  Tim was kind enough to actually bring me a French press and Starbucks coffee all the way from home. It was great visiting with you.  This will be used a lot!

Angela from Australia, thank you so much for the girls pants and the cute clip-on koala bear.  We were in desperate need of something girlish and not yellow or green.  These were the first pants we've put on her that didn't make her cry!  Don't forget we need to meet up this week!  We leave next Friday.

Oh yeah, we leave next Friday!  We finally booked our return tickets home.  Lufthansa wanted to charge sooo much to reschedule our flights, we had to buy new tickets through British Airways.  Lufthansa tickets = money lost.  John is quite unhappy. But we are excited to finally go home; we will have lived a whole month here in New Delhi.

Lastly, while John was buying groceries yesterday, Saffy and I went to the park and hung out watching these dogs.  It was her first time spending any extended period of time outside and the fresh air did us good. Not one dog attack, and no dingos got my baby!  Sorry, I've met so many Aussies lately, I had to throw that in.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Don't worry, these bitches be cool.


  1. Fantastic photos! I have two babygrows for you as they were too small for Adi at birth, white not pink sorry! Well Jel you're off soon, must meet up soon before you go from the "long term Delhi dwellers" down the road :-)

  2. Congratulations to you both! And a BIG welcome into the world for the gorgeous Saffron Juliet! We've been silently following along...many thanks again for your advice several months ago.

  3. Awesome guys. I used Swiss Air they were so good to me only charged mr $100 to change each ticket costing a total of $560 to go home for all of us on the change. We gotta meet up some time when you get home let me know.

  4. Glad they fit! Our experience with DNA test was nightmare!!! It was not really the process just a few miscommunications plus two babies thrown in! All done now. We are getting Kurt out of Eden today, so when we have him in a bit of a routine we will definitely meet up. W hope to be out same time as you see you soon

  5. Hi Morgan and John. It's always great to see Saffy's pics on here. Glad everything worked out at the embassy. And yes, glad the Delhi dingo didn't get your baby! :) Cheers and G'day mates!

  6. Glad to hear things are going well with you. One piece of advice I learned is to cut my kids' nails when they're drinking their bottles. With milk in their mouths they'll let you do almost anything!

  7. Saffy is ADORABLE..and don't worry about the clipping of the fingernails...we still file them (no clipping because we re so freaked out), but it still get s the job done. WOO HOO you're going home Friday. That must be an incredible feeling. Enjoy your last days in Delhi. Take care.


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