Monday, July 2, 2012

Our baby is a giant Sea Monkey...

The little bug is the size of a blueberry.  Honestly, I don't know I'm looking at.  One end of the line is a head, and the other is a rump or "tail".

A coworker said they can see an eye, but they're full of it.

So this weekend, we went to Babies 'Я' Us for the first time (just for a look-sie).  Neither of us has ever been to one before.  I honesty thought that it was just a Toys 'ЯUs with baby toys (and diapers).  I used to work at Toys 'Я' Us many years ago before Babies 'Я' Us existed.

Going there is a eye-opening experience.  The sheer amount of crap is astonishing!  There's literally something for everything and then some.  Several work friends told me they are over-priced and that I can get most of the same things much cheaper elsewhere.  I'm thinking will be providing the bulk of SeaMonkey's supplies.

It was nice to browse the clothing though.  They had some cute boy and girl outfits and (forgive me for sounding extremely gay) this hot little number in the child-whore section.

I kid you not, this outfit is for a two-year old.  No, it was not in clearance Halloween, dress-up corner, or mommy & me.  This is actually for sale with the regular clothing.  

Nothing screams summer fun than a faux-fur fuzzy vest and "Peg Bundy" leopard print velour pants.  She'll be the talk of the methadone clinic in this getup.  Too bad there's no matching Daddy outfit. :(

I'm just glad that Courtney Love is designing children's clothing now...


  1. Love it! I just fell out of my seat laughing! Who designs that for a two year old? Also, Congratulations on your little sea monkey :-)

  2. Thats awesome guys, that feelings you are having I am sure awesome like Mine are. My family has jumped the gun too. Good luck


  3. She would be the most fabulous looking 2 year old at the next gay pride parade.

  4. Wow that's an outfit and half ;)

  5. I think I saw the matching daddy outfit at Faultline the other night. Oh... sorry, wrong kind of daddy.

  6. That's HILARIOUS!!! It's amazing what you can find in those stores. I guess the line is inspired by Toddlers & Tiaras, maybe??? Best wishes for a continued wonderful pregnancy!

  7. Beyond any doubt that outfit should be purchased and shared for picture taking purposes to every India miracle child. The photo collection will become a Huge Museum masterpieces.... a special treat. Am certain are disappointed their beautiful girls are too grown to be the first stars portrayed in it.
    Full of joy and hope for you all....


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