Thursday, March 7, 2013

Looks Like An Angel, Sounds Like A Zombie.

Almost laughing...
Baby honey-bunny!
Well, we've been home almost two weeks and are still adjusting to life at home with Saffron. The cats and dog have shown no signs of jealousy, nor has Saffy shown any signs of pet allergies. Whew! She's eating a lot and is just starting to sleep long enough for us to actually get some shut-eye too. She's had a few real baths and seems to like them pretty well. She's also been for two check-ups with the pediatrician and is quite healthy and thriving. Overall, she's a very happy, healthy baby. And heavy: over 9 lbs!
Cute as a cupcake!
Always smiling!
All bundled-up to see the doctor

Laying next to our behemoth cat, Patrick
Head's up for tummy time.
Daddy's best friend: the straightjacket SwaddleMe blanket
Wearing Daddy's glasses to watch the Oscars
Meanwhile, I've been catching up on TV shows during early morning feedings.  And let me tell you, there's nothing more chilling than watching "The Walking Dead" in the middle of the night, living in the middle of the woods, and your baby daughter grunts and groans like a zombie!  The sounds this girl makes...absolutely terrifying!  

Next week, we get a visit from Gangy Linda, Auntie Dana, and Cousin Jessica - we can't wait!!!


  1. Oh my Saffy couldn't be any more adorable! I know about the grunting noises! Have fun :-)

  2. Hey John and Morgan, great to see Saffron's pics. She's so adorable. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your next update. Cheers!

  3. Beautiful Girl! Thank you for sharing the joy.

  4. How absolutely how the cat is bigger than Saffy

  5. You have such a beautiful girl! I'm a new reader to your blog and you make me laugh so much each time :)

  6. LOL I get the moaning. I've watched seasons 1 & 2 on DVD and now watch on dvr every Monday during the 3pm bottle. Zombie screams are like a lullaby for Baxter. Jeff's all "I wonder why he growls so much" and I'm all "probably because you're always texting on your phone when you hold him and not talking to him." ;) haha
    Your girl is a cutie and your cat could kick my dog's ass.

    1. LOL, Thanks! I just hope she picks up an English accent when we finally start Downton Abbey.

  7. The glasses shot is great. Saffy is so cute...I'm thinking AbFab but maybe that's not appropriate. LOL. Congrats again...she's a doll!

  8. Zombies! LOL. Sounds like you're having an awesome time guys, & she's already letting you get extra sleep at night, how lucky. Our boy wants to stay asleep, but our little girl won't let it go past 4 hrs (usually 3 1/2, we're lucky if she goes to 4).
    The pics are super adorable (kids are the greatest, right?)
    English accents? lol. we're looking forward to starting Downtown Abbey soon too.
    Talk with you guys soon! Big hugs!


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