Sunday, December 23, 2012

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest..

We're like, 95% done.  We still need a dresser, a rocking chair/glider, to put up the valances, a few pictures, shelves, and decorations and we're done.  The hard part is finally over!  All hand-painted with the exception of some appliqué's.

The baby-hoarders piles have now left my office and are the baby's problem now.
I hope the baby won't be freaked out, I made the owl's eyes glow!
 Hoo's watching you?
I pretty much based the whole room on the nursery set we bought.
Things without a place: we still have to install the shelf for the lamp.
The day bed, for whoever wants to sleep in the baby's room.
Yes, that's the moon, and it's freakin' awesome!!!
The coolest nightlight ever!
The shimmering pond (in progress).  I have no concept of perspective, but then again - I'm not much of an artist.  I don't think the baby will care.
The shimmering pond (completed).  In the dark, you can see moonlight on the water.


  1. Very nice guys.Merry Christmas.I&D

  2. Totally cool - love the glowing eyes! I am sure your baby will LOVE it!

  3. Wow - that is AMAZING! You guys did such an incredible job. I can't even put up the nursery decals properly. That is a very cool room that will be enjoyed for a long time!

  4. You guys did an Awesome job! It looks great.

  5. Hey you need to come to my house and do the same thing, so get on a plane and head over LOL Looks awesome guys

  6. ahh wow this is fab! super job guys!

  7. That's an awesome room. Great job! By the way, I went back and looked at your 12/13th week scan and it looks like you might be having a girl. It's a bit hard to tell based on one scan you posted. Nevertheless, the room is perfect.

  8. How are you guys going? Haven't heard anything for a while....?


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