Friday, December 7, 2012

Flurry of Activity

The clock is just moving faster and faster, and things are just going nuts!

In just the past couple days:
  • We booked our flights.  We decided to just book flights in advance both directions and just hope timing works out!  We can always rebook (with fees), but we'll be arriving in Delhi very very early on Friday January 25th!
  • We reserved our hotel.  We're at the Svelte - it's a bit more than I was planning, but it's probably the best option for us overall.
  • We reached out to the Embassy.  Karin supplied a wealth of info, and gave me a whole new set of To Dos!!  :-)
  • We arranged for the DNA test.  We went with Chromosomal Labs, which so many of you recommended - Morgan will get his test done later this month.
  • The crib arrived.  Of course, we put it together even though the nursery isn't QUITE done - just couldn't resist!
  • We found a pediatrician.  We meet with her for just an informational chat next week.
  • And probably a hundred other things - if the task is checked off, then I don't care!
Already got our visas a month or so ago.  Just need to finish the work around the house, buy a few more baby necessities, and start planning for the actual trip and our very own Operation Exit India!

More to come this week!!!  Hooray!


  1. Great to read that everything is coming along! Can't wait for future updates!

  2. this part is soooo exciting. come early next year you'll be in the thick of all the goodness that comes with a baby. Congrats!

  3. Please post the new list of , todo's list from karin and all of the imformation she gave you...thank you i wish you all the best ...

  4. Hey guys I'm in your hotel and I arrive the 23 of jan gotta look each other up. If you want to email each other for better security that's cool let me know


  5. Hi Morgan, our due date is 4 days before yours on February 10th! We still don't have a visa though so can't book flights :-(

  6. Sounds like things are moving right along for you guys, well done!

    We're keeping pace; got our visas, booked flight (I arrive 1/21/13), room booked (staying at Apartment 18; couldn't resist the good deal, apt with free wi-fi, etc.), DNA kits already delivered to the embassy (our DNA was already collected & sent), we found a pediatrician, but never thought to do an interview, going to call his office today & see if he's up to it :)
    Best of luck guys, I hope we can hang out in India before our babes come.

    All the best!


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