Tuesday, October 8, 2013

8 Months & Ready for Halloween!

Not a big update: tooth #2 is just starting to poke through; Saffron's able to stand on her own (well, for 5 seconds); and crawling so fast - blink, and you'll miss her!  We've also started the task of baby-proofing the house.  Gates & locks galore!

I'm so excited for Halloween.  We live in a pretty rural area, with no immediate neighbors to trick or treat at.  Plus, she's a baby, so the candy would be for daddies anyway.  So Halloween is all about dressing up.  I've gone a little overboard and have bought waaaay more Halloween pajamas than any child needs, but so what?  Fall is in full-force in New England, so when the weather permits, we'll take a picture of her in her costume.  For now, I leave you with pajamas:

Two punkins!

Chillin' with Violet

Lost in a corn maze...
After bathtime

Watchin' baseball


  1. Oh..cute pj! I can't wait for the costume pics! She is such a cutie pie!

  2. Saffron is growing up so fast. Hard to believe that 8 months has passed so quickly. Too bad they don't make those PJ's for adults. I might just have to join her. LOL I love seeing her smile!


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