Thursday, November 1, 2012

100 Day Countdown!

The pace is quickening a little TOO fast - counter says 100 days to go!  We're talking double digits - like, tomorrow!

Really, we're anticipating a week or two before that, but we'll take a milestone where we can get it.

So the overwhelm-ness is starting to sink in.  It's very sly.  Crafty even.  But as all the various aspects of our lives slowly start to ramp up all at once...
  • Work?   Swamped refocusing after an acquisition and reorg
  • House?   In various states of being remodeled or touched up, though I haven't touched the outside in months (oops)
  • Car?   At least that one's checked
  • Baby Prep?   We need to buy WHAT now?
  • Travel Prep?   Yahhhh.....
And how much time do I have again?

100 days!!!

But then I think of the little baby growing however-many thousand miles away - or I read someone's blog with their kid's first Halloween, and I smile.  BIG.

Meanwhile, as if life isn't quite crazy enough, we've started on Paleo this week.  Today is day 4, and going OK.  We really didn't plan this very well, but we're adapting.

I've done Atkins a couple times with good immediate success, but didn't stick with it long term.  Carbs proved to be the dominant lifestyle - though I know they're poison.  But so yummy!

Morgan is doing this with me this time, though, so we have mutual support and don't have to worry about separate meals.  All the cooking is a big obstacle.  I can cook pretty well, but I just don't like it - usually despise it actually, unless I'm going all out for a holiday or something.  So there's that to get over.

A big difference now is I'm more interested in feeling good, with weight loss just a side bonus (HOPEFULLY!).  So perhaps this motivation will be more successful!  (Until we get to India and live in a mall for 2 weeks - Morgan found their website today, and they have a Cinnabon!)


  1. Congratulations on reaching the milestone! Very exciting! Also good luck with Paleo! Select Citywalk is food-fun :)

  2. Congrats on the 100days… You wouldn't regret trying the walnut brownie at Big Chill (in the DLF) - I know it is a bold statement to say -Best brownie ever- but I stand by it! In the meantime best of luck with Paleo.

  3. Congrats on the countdown! It's pretty much downhill now!

  4. It's tomorrow now, and your baby counter is at 99 days to go!! WooHoo! You two must be very excited:)
    Looking forward to the next update.

  5. hey you might be there when I am there as my baby will br born between jan 12 to feb 2 and I am staying at the Svetle hotel too. well good luck on your 100 mark

  6. i'm four days late reading your blog, your now in double digits!! yay! its gunna fly by :)

  7. Us 'old' parents are all doing the same thing! Hoping we won't be too tired for the whole event! I'm also late reading, so you are down to 91 days yay!


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