Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's... ewww

So Morgan's sperm is flying high over the Atlantic Ocean right about now.

Think about that next time it rains...

As you can probably guess, we decided to remote deposit the semen.  Truly a mail order situation - if FedEx would just deliver the baby, we'd be all set (I wouldn't even grumble about having to wait around to sign!).

The short version of how this works for anyone interested:

  1. Contract with a firm that supplies a tank and handles all the logistics (we went with one that SCI recommended and has experience - they're in Toronto)
  2. Find a local IVF clinic that will work with you
  3. Go to the clinic, submit your deposit, and have them freeze it
  4. Have the firm that handles the logistics ship them the tank (they like to ship it out on a Monday so it all happens in one week - the tank has enough juice to stay frozen 3 weeks, but why risk it)
  5. They fill the tank and ship it overnight, then the IVF clinic puts the frozen semen inside and arranges to have it picked up and sent to India the same day, then it goes through Customs and gets delivered; for us, this took from Monday through Friday total, but could be a little longer if delayed in Customs

And there you go - door-to-door sperm delivery!

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